Literary Activities

Bhai Gurdas Library

A state of art library is being established at society head office, which will include reference books, text books, periodicals, journals, audio/videos etc of Sikh religion, comparative religious, moral upliftment, soil and water conservation, environment education etc. The work as this project has already started.

Book Exhibition-cum-sale centre

Books and audio-visual are available for sale at society head office and exhibition-cum-sale of these item are arranged at various public gatherings. Standard books are provided at reasonable rates to the masses.

Scholarships for needy students

Need based scholarship are being provided to poor but intelligent students for undergoing school and college education. They are also facilitated to obtain scholarships from various schemes like minority students scholarships, scholarships by NRI agencies etc.
Publication of Booklets/ Pamphlets and Posters.
Coverage of articles in mass media and electronic media as per the mandates of society.