Microwatershed Project

A 'Community based Bio-industrial watershed for sustainable use of Natural Resources and enhanced livelihood' project is being operational at micro watershed bhadiar, Teh. Garshankar, Distt. Hoshiarpur (Punjab) since 2008. The project is coordinated by M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai and financed by Jamshetji Tata Trust , Mumbai. The project is operated by Department of Soils, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana and Shubh Karman Society, Hoshiarpur is NGO partner in it. The broad objectives of the project are 'To extend the techniques of sustainable management of natural resources on a watershed scale, managed by the local community of men, women and landless labour for food security, environmental quality and enhanced livelihood opportunities in selected major sail region of India, which could be replicated in similar sail and ecological conditions else where in the region.

Role of Shubh Karman Society

Key role of our NGO would be to create mass awareness among the farming community about the sustainability issues and mobilize them to be actively involved in the participatory technology development process.

Specific tasks of Shubh Karman Society

  • To conduct PRA exercise.
  • To organize entry-level program in micro-watershed.
  • Formation of SHGs & associations for different activities.
  • To co-ordinate training for village youth, women & farmers from different agencies.
  • Adoption behaviour studies for different technologies.
  • To develop linkage of SHGs and individuals with credit institutes for entrepreneur development.
  • Success story documentation.
  • Organize farmers fair, field days and workshops etc, in collaboration with PAU.
  • To assist PAU in establishing VKC.
  • To development IEC material in collaboration with PAU.

Major Achievements of the project are

  • Completion of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)
  • Completion of bench mark survey
  • Completion of Wild life survey
  • Technical education feasibilities survey
  • Exposure visit of farmers
  • Employment generation activities started